S1 Wireless Speaker System

The S1 Wireless Speaker System is a highly portable, High-Fidelity wireless speaker + transmitter combo that lets you play music from your computer or phone directly to up to 4 Audality speakers. Built with Superior WiC® wireless technology, the S1 wireless speaker allows you to take studio quality HD sound anywhere in the world. The S1 operates on its own as a stereo speaker. When used with additional S1 speakers or other Audality compatible speakers, it can be set up as left or right channel to create a multi-speaker stereo setup.

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High Fidelity sound, literally anywhere in the world.

It’s time to stop settling for Bluetooth or Wifi wireless. You deserve better, which is why Audality created the solution. Audality WiC® Wireless audio is the only audio technology that offers portability AND consistent, uncompressed HD sound anywhere in the world.

S1 Technical Specifications: 

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Sophisticated technology, made simple.

Audality’s WiC® wireless technology provides all the functionality needed in a high-fidelity home audio system, with a quick and simple set up. Simply turn on your speaker, pair with the transmitter, and enjoy consistent HD sound on up to four speakers, no Bluetooth or WiFi needed.

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Extremely portable and unbeatable battery life

Audality’s high-quality Class-D amplifiers create the purest sound quality in a highly efficient package for portable, long-lasting battery operation. The audio quality from our amplifiers is unmistakably superior to any wireless speaker you've ever heard. They deliver true audiophile sound quality without the astronomical price tag.

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Handcrafted to perfection

Most wireless speakers are plastic and cheap. Our home audio speakers are hand-crafted out of bamboo for a beautiful, natural cabinet that looks amazing with any decor. You'll want to display them prominently like a piece of art.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Audality is committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Audality speaker cabinets are manufactured from bamboo, and our amplifiers are up to 4 times as efficient as other amplifiers, so they run for hours, even days, on a single charge.

Stereo HD audio performance

Uncompressed, 24-bit, HD Audio

Simple One-Touch Connectivity

Pairs Simply And Stays Paired

Automatic Channel selection

Automatically Finds The Best Radio Connection

Extraordinary Range And Connectivity

Has A Range Of Up To 100 Meters



Two 4-inch speakers

Weather resistant, 8 Ohm Speakers

100-watt D-class amplifier

High output, High efficiency amplifier 

Stereo HD audio performance

Uncompressed, 24-bit, HD Audio

Frequency Response

55Hz-15kHz, +/- 4dB

3.5mm auxiliary audio input

Standard 2 VRMS Differential Or Single Ended

Left/Right/Both audio channel selector

Can be a stereo Speaker or left or Right

Power switch
Turn the Speaker on and off  
Volume control
 Control the Speaker volume
USB C Port

Supplies charging power for USB-charged devices

Battery level gauge

Shows the percentage charge remaining

Wall Charger

24V Wall Power Supply

Wireless Transmitter

USB Audio Transmitter
Uncompressed HD audio stream
Full Audio Spectrum

Full audio Frequency response – 1Hz to 23KHz


Simple one-touch connectivity

Pairs simply and stays paired

Automatic Channel Selection

Automatically finds the best radio connection

Extraordinary range and Connectivity

Has a range of up to 100 meters


Green, rechargeable Lithium ion
Over 20 hours per charge
Fast Charging

Charging Time: 2 1/2 Hours



Beautiful Bamboo cabinet

Speaker Cabinet is 12” X 7” x 5½”


Compliance worldwide

FCC, Europe, Industry Canada, Australia/NZ

What's in the Box

USB Transmitter
S1 Wireless Speaker
Mobile Phone Adapter

iPhone or Android (your choice) 


24VDC Wall Charger
Portable Speaker Carrying Case


Speaker Bundles
Number of Speakers 1 Speaker or 2 Speakers
Speaker Specifications - Accessories
Adapter Type Android or iOS