Why Did We Make WiC?
17 October, 2019 by
Why Did We Make WiC?
Mark Krikorian

First and foremost… we love what we do!

Paul Raley (founder and CEO) has played on stage of his church for over 25 years – and he has dealt with the same difficulties that all stage musicians do. No matter how much you prepare, there is still that moment of stress when the show is about to start. Is all this gear set up right? Is something going to break? Am I going to trip? You know exactly what we’re talking about, right?

But Paul is also a gifted engineer and with a team of engineers backing him up that can do amazing things. Paul and his team designed complex radar and wireless systems for the satellite industry and the military. In his spare time over the last 40 years, Paul has built custom amplifiers and other gear as a hobby. Six years ago, at a wedding a friend asked him if he thought it was possible to build better wireless for musicians. That was the day he decided to use his talent to attack some of the most difficult problems for the musician.

Our engineers, who are also musicians, are as obsessed with guitar tone as much as you are. This is precisely why we made WiC (Wireless Instrument Connection). We designed our very own instrument wireless system to address all of the complaints we’d heard over the years from professional and amateur musicians. The result is WiC for Guitar, and we hope it will change the way you feel about guitar wireless.


Why Did We Make WiC?
Mark Krikorian 17 October, 2019
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