What ChatGPT Got Wrong About Our Wireless Audio Technology
14 March, 2023 by
What ChatGPT Got Wrong About Our Wireless Audio Technology
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

   With all the excitement around ChatGPT over the last few months, we decided to see what it had to say about Audality and our wireless audio technology. ChatGPT really is an amazing artificial intelligence tool, but AI has to be trained and learn.  So here's what we discovered when we asked ChatGPT to “tell us about Audality Wireless Audio Technology”.

    We found quite a few statements that we want to correct. Since there are so many, we will take ChatGPT's four paragraph response one paragraph at a time. 

“Audality is a relatively new company that has developed a proprietary wireless audio technology called “FLAC” (Free Lossless Audio Codec) that is designed to transmit high-quality, uncompressed audio wirelessly. According to Audality, FLAC is capable of delivering audio quality that is on par with or even better than wired connections, without the latency or dropouts often associated with wireless audio."

The Truth:

    Audality didn't develop FLAC. FLAC is a digital audio encoding format. Audality WiC® is a wireless audio technology that transmits uncompressed audio to multiple receivers (i.e., speakers, etc.). WiC® enabled equipment can deliver 24-bit, uncompressed HD audio quality that is on par or better than wireless connections with minimal latency and with a negligible dropouts compared to other legacy wireless systems.

    As for being “relatively new”, Audality has been in business since 2015. We have spent that time perfecting the technology, getting the tech certified with worldwide communications agencies, proving out the technology with the most discerning stage musicians we could find, and then developing and deploying products using it before beginning to market to OEM clients  in 2021.

"However, it’s important to note that Audality’s technology is still relatively new and untested in the market. While FLAC has the potential to provide high-quality wireless audio, it’s difficult to say whether it is a superior technology compared to other established wireless audio solutions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Airplay."  

The Truth:

    Audality’s wireless audio technology was released in our Wireless Instrument Systems (for guitars, basses, harps, keyboards, etc. ) in early 2016 with those products hitting the market in the same year - 7 years ago. Thousands of musicians now own these wireless instrument systems and swear by them. 

    Sure, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay may be more recognizable names in the wireless audio space. But we developed our wireless audio technology from the ground up for high fidelity audio, and head-to-head tests by our OEM customers bear out that Audality’s WiC™ Wireless audio technology is more robust with respect to connectivity, full-audio spectrum delivery, and data transmission rates. 

"Additionally, Audality’s technology is currently only available in a limited number of products, including its own wireless speakers and wireless guitar systems. It remains to be seen whether Audality will be able to gain broader market acceptance and integration with other audio products in the future."

The Truth:

    ChatGPT is a bit behind the times (its training data ends in 2021). Audality has a full product offering in the Music Retail, Professional Audio, and Enterprise Wireless categories. This includes wireless instrument systems, a full tiered line of Wireless Home Audio speaker systems, a wireless PA speaker system, a Wireless PA System for board-to-stage transmission, a Wireless Home Audio Bridge that leverages existing audiophile quality home audio systems, and wireless audio amplifiers, wireless audio transmitters and wireless microphone components  allow OEM’s to integrate our technology into their own products. 

Overall, while Audality’s FLAC technology has the potential to provide high-quality wireless audio, it’s still relatively new and untested in the market, and other established wireless audio solutions may be more practical for most consumers.”

The Truth:

    Once again Audality wireless audio technology not FLAC! But we’ve been over that already! Our wireless audio products and components are available both to consumers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, and they have been enjoying our products for years! Audality's ground-breaking WiC ® wireless audio technology was designed from the ground up specifically to transmit high definition, uncompressed audio without interruption on its own dedicated wireless network. Audality’s wireless audio technology is the first and only solution to deliver consistent, uncompressed HD sound that can be integrated into practically any application you can think of - wireless speakers, microphones, televisions, sound bars, headphones, gaming systems, smart appliances, and professional audio gear.

What ChatGPT Got Wrong About Our Wireless Audio Technology
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 14 March, 2023
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