Top Ten Ways Audality Wireless Technology Delivers Audio To Destination and Outdoor Weddings
Microphone and Music In One Audio Wireless Transmitter
18 May, 2021 by
Top Ten Ways Audality Wireless Technology Delivers Audio To  Destination and Outdoor Weddings
Audality (R), Laura Kriteman

Destination and outdoor weddings are the rage, now more than ever. predicts that “tents and twinkly nights” and “outdoor activities” will dominate 2021 weddings. Noted wedding planner and designer Jove Meyer states, “In 2021 and moving forward, outdoor weddings will be on trend as they’re also more safe for guests and vendors.  Tented weddings are the new ballroom.”  Still, the logistics of providing audio to a crowd that begins with a ceremony on the beach or lawn, and then moves to a party tent, can be quite daunting.  Below are the top ten reasons why the Audality wireless microphone transmitter and S-Series speakers, or the Audality ES5 commercial speakers, are a wedding planner’s best friend:

  1.  Audality’s wireless microphone transmitter and speakers do not require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cables, plugs, or passwords. They can be completely powered by batteries that will run well beyond even the craziest of weddings, so they can be set up easily and run from anywhere.  And, we do mean anywhere.

  2. Sound for the entire tent and guest crowd is easily covered by Audality’s technology. A tent that measures about 50 feet x 90 feet (approximately 4500 square feet) will comfortably accommodate 200 seated guests, a bar and buffet, and an 18 ft x 18 ft dancefloor.  Something even larger, in the range of 60 feet by 100 feet, would be necessary for a wedding of 300 guests.  Audality’s wireless microphone can transmit audio wirelessly to Audality speakers up to a range of 500 feet.  

  3. Audality speakers are truly portable.  There are no wires to trip over in the sand, and no cables to tape down on the tent and dance floor. The microphone and speakers can be used for an outdoor ceremony and then easily, quickly transported and re-staged, in the period of time that it takes folks to pick them up and simply move them to another location.  Honest, it is that simple.

  4. Guests seated in the back rows of an outdoor ceremony will hear everything as clearly as guests seated in the front and middle rows.  Thereafter, by placing Audality speakers at each of the four corners inside a tent, you won’t deafen the younger crowd sitting closer to the dance floor, and you won’t ignore Aunt Bertha who has been politely seated in the back corner.  

  5. If a wedding is intimate and on a smaller scale, then simply pair the Audality microphone with a set of S-series Audality speakers.  

  6. The Best Man could decide to throw in some old “stories” about the groom during his speech.  Let’s say that these antics don’t go over too well with some guests (i.e., Father of the Bride).  Simply take that mic, push a button, mute him, and revert to a music playlist.  Problem solved.

  7. When the speeches are over, simply hand the transmitter to your DJ so s/he can run the music directly off the sound system or a phone.

  8. The ES5 speakers are sleek and professional; the S-series speakers are made from beautiful bamboo.  Either choice will not disrupt the aesthetics of a beautiful wedding venue.

  9. Each ES5 speaker hosts a 10-inch speaker and high-quality ribbon tweeter, with a built-in 225-watt amplifier.  Should the outdoor wedding event require more power, you can daisy chain each Audality speaker with as many speakers as you need using standard ¼” audio cables to make speaker stacks.

  10. There is simply no other wireless sound system that can transmit high-fidelity audio using battery-powered speakers and with a range of up to 500 feet, without requiring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Even the most frightening Bridezilla will be impressed.

Top Ten Ways Audality Wireless Technology Delivers Audio To  Destination and Outdoor Weddings
Audality (R), Laura Kriteman 18 May, 2021
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