The S1 Speaker System: the Perfect Audio Solution for Small Spaces
27 July, 2021 by
The S1 Speaker System: the Perfect Audio Solution for Small Spaces
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

When you live in an apartment (especially renting), setting up a high-quality sound system can be tricky.

First things first - if you are renting, you can’t wire anything into the walls, so a wired system would leave you with a ton of visible wires. For me that’s a deal breaker since there’s already limited space and it can get crowded in a relatively small apartment. Ditch anything with wires if you want to keep your space clutter-free. 

Next, there are WiFi signals EVERYWHERE, so wireless connections can interfere with your signal strength and speed. You have neighbors in close proximity, so you have to be aware of noise. And you may be moving around quite a bit so you want something you can take with you.

Keep in mind, you have less options for optimizing the acoustics since the layout may not be conventional and you have to work with what you've got. You'll need something that sounds good no matter how it is set up, or that can be easily reconfigured as you move around the apartment. 

The S1 Wireless Speaker System is the perfect solution for audio in small spaces.

The Audality S1 Wireless Speaker addresses the complications of setting up a high fidelity sound system in a small or difficult space, many of which WiFi and Bluetooth simply cannot.

If your home has a layout that makes it difficult to set up a traditional entertainment center or speaker stands etc., the Audality S1 Wireless Speaker can be placed anywhere and can deliver HD stereo sound on its own. The two 4” drivers can be set to left, right, or stereo, so you can start with just the one speaker, and add more in later.

The S1 is extremely light and comes with a speaker carrying case (that you can keep on and still listen to music) making it extremely portable.  When you are in different parts of your home, you can easily pick up and carry the S1 to keep the audio centered around you. If you are someone who moves around a lot or switches apartments after each lease, the S1 is easy to pack up and take with you, and it is hand-crafted out of bamboo for a beautiful, natural cabinet that looks amazing with any decor. 

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Built with Audality's patented WiC® wireless audio technology, a single S1 Speaker sounds incredible even at low volumes, allowing you to experience crystal clear audio without worrying about upsetting your neighbors. Since WiC® technology allows you to connect up to four speakers, you can place your speakers around your home at low volumes rather than blasting one speaker to the whole apartment. Bluetooth speakers can't connect to multiple speakers and totally destroy the sound especially at low volume, so you can’t always get away with quiet, casual listening.

To address the wireless connectivity issues of being in a crowded apartment complex, Audality's patented WiC® technology operates on its own secure network, so the other wireless devices in your home, and any interruptions your neighbors may cause, will not affect the connectivity of your speaker. Wireless sound systems that use WiFi (aka Sonos) compress the audio as the WiFi gets more crowded, so it tends to do poorly in this kind of environment. 


With exceptional range and connectivity, portability, and sound quality, the Audality S1 Wireless Speaker is perfect for living in a small or complicated apartment set-up, solving many issues that renters run into when choosing a home audio system. When you eventually move out and want to expand your home audio system, you can add more Audality speakers for an immersive home audio system.

*A plus- the S1 speaker has extremely low power consumption so it won't drain your utilities.*

The S1 Speaker System: the Perfect Audio Solution for Small Spaces
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 27 July, 2021
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