Five Unique Features of Audality Wireless Audio Technology
17 May, 2022 by
Five Unique Features of Audality Wireless Audio Technology
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

By now, you may think that you’ve read everything there is to learn about wireless technologies that exist in the audio world. Nonetheless, Audality’s patented technology is superior and more versatile than anything that is on the market today. In a nutshell, here are five unique features which define Audality and explain why this technology is poised to disrupt and forever change the wireless audio market:

  1. Yes, Audality’s technology runs on 2.4 GHz frequency. Before you think it will have to compete with everything WiFi, however, consider that it contains audio specific radio protocol. This protocol enables Audality’s transmitters to send 24 bit, uncompressed audio across long, far ranges with robust, continuous connection and reception; requires much lower power demands; and provides precise audio timing/synchronization.
  2. Audality can transmit audio up to sixteen (16) channels. It is capable of supporting Dolby Atmos and any current surround sound configuration of up to 16 speakers.
  3. It is a given that neither WiFi nor Bluetooth was created or designed to transmit audio. Audality is specifically designed to do just that.
  4. Audio which is transmitted via Audality’s technology results in timing among all speakers/receivers that is very precise, deterministic, and programmable. Thus, it produces a dark sound stage and better imaging. Importantly, the timing among all of the speakers never changes once it is set. 
  5. Audality technology is unbelievably versatile and is not limited to one-room home theaters and surround sound systems. Sure, the sound in your home theater will never be the same once it is delivered by Audality. In addition, though, Audality’s versatility enables it to be robust and used to transmit audio from gaming systems; TVs; mobile phones; computers; headphones; music production studios and mixing boards; beach weddings and hotel conference rooms; outdoor and open-air shopping centers; multiple rooms indoors and outside at pools and patios; artificial intelligence data collection; and as a wireless home bridge from your phone or computer playlist to your existing home stereo system.

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Five Unique Features of Audality Wireless Audio Technology
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 17 May, 2022
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