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Your Company’s Revenue From Wireless Products and Systems Will Grow With Audality Technology
19 April, 2022 by
Do The Math
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

    In today’s world, most players in the wireless world are searching for an edge. Companies (both national and worldwide) are looking for advanced technology that will lure individuals to their products and then turn those potential customers into a loyal consumer base. The number of wireless users is staggering, and the revenue from wireless products is even greater. As such, Audality is poised and ready to insert its patent technology into your company’s wireless product to present unparalleled audio to users in this ever-increasingly competitive market.  

Let’s take a look at some relevant numbers:

• The home theater market is forecasted to reach 29 billion dollars. The Asian-Pacific market alone is forecasting a 47% growth in home theaters.

• The number of TV households in the United States alone is estimated to reach 122 million units for years 2021-2022.

• As of January, 2022, there were more than 294 million smartphone users just in the United States, and approximately 113 million of those users own an iPhone.

• As of Q4, 2021, Spotify reported more than 400 million users.

• Currently, Tidal reports more than three million subscriptions, in more than 54 countries worldwide.

• French music streaming service Deezer currently aims to go public through a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Deezer’s two largest markets are France and Brazil. Its investors include Universal Music Group and Sony Group Corp.

    The one thing that is missing from these markets is a market-disrupting, hi-fidelity audio technology. It is true that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may prove adequate in some circumstances. Nonetheless, Audality technology will consistently deliver 24-bit, uncompressed audio over a long range and in challenging environments. So many billions of users, and so many billions of wireless products to choose from. Audality will give your product the edge that it needs to compete and thrive in these burgeoning markets. Just do the math.

Do The Math
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 19 April, 2022
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