Audality® Will Cure Bluetooth’s “Unusually Painful” Technology for the Audio World
12 July, 2022 by
Audality® Will Cure Bluetooth’s “Unusually Painful” Technology for the Audio World
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

    CNN Business Reporter Catherine Thorbecke recently wrote online
(July 10, 2022) that Bluetooth remains an “’unusually painful’ technology after
two decades.” Ms. Thorbecke adds that the number of Bluetooth-enabled
devices in the world is forecasted to rise to 7 billion by 2026. This technology
services appliances and gadgets ranging from smartphones to lightbulbs, and
just about everything in between. Nonetheless, Ms. Thorbecke and Carnegie
Mellon Professor Chris Harrison make note of critical limitations and
“headache-inducing issues” still associated with Bluetooth, even after two
decades in the market. 

Among these headaches, they note the following issues with Bluetooth and its associated devices: 

  • It is a struggle to set up a new device to connect with or switch
    headphones between devices, and Bluetooth is still far from
  • Users must accept Bluetooth options that offer lower power
    functionality and very short range;
  • Bluetooth signals use unlicensed public airwaves, leading several
    federal agencies to warn users that their Bluetooth-enabled
    devices are quite vulnerable to hackers; and
  • Public airways host hundreds of other products that use the same
    spectrum, so Bluetooth signals compete with those products’
    signals on the same spectrum and, inevitably, often provide
    interrupted service.

    In the audio world, let Audality’s WiC™ technology alleviate your
Bluetooth-related headaches. There is simply no reason to rely on
Bluetooth for wireless connectivity in your audio devices when Audality
provides a patented technology with the following attributes:

  • Audality was specifically created for superior wireless
    audio, transmitting 24-bit, uncompressed data through a
    wireless system; 
  • Audality offers a truly seamless experience; 
  • Audality enables your wireless devices to connect over a range
    of more than 300 feet; 
  • Audality is frequency-hopping and will never compete with
    hundreds of other household product signals, nor will it ever
    compete with your Wi-Fi network, and thus will provide
    consistent, uninterrupted service; and 
  • Audality runs on its own network so that hacker threats and
    cyber risks are virtually eliminated.

    There is no question that Bluetooth can, and should, continue to
connect the world wirelessly to innumerable household gadgets. After
two decades, however, Bluetooth has proven to be a mere placeholder
in the audio world. It’s time to be Connected by Audality!™

Audality® Will Cure Bluetooth’s “Unusually Painful” Technology for the Audio World
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 12 July, 2022
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