Audality: All-in-One Wireless Technology Designed For Multi-Purpose Wireless Audio Manufacturers
22 February, 2022 by
Audality:  All-in-One Wireless Technology Designed For Multi-Purpose Wireless Audio Manufacturers
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

    When we think about wireless speakers, headphones, surround sound systems, and other various wireless devices that transmit and receive audio, many adjectives and features routinely are recycled and used in marketing schemes.  There is no question that select manufacturers of wireless audio goods have produced excellent, well-crafted devices and sound systems. Nonetheless, to-date, manufacturers have been hampered by limitations in both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and by the absence of a technology that could otherwise bring everything together for the consumer in this increasingly mobile, wireless world … until now.  Finally, with the advent and introduction of Audality’s patented WiC® technology, manufacturers can give their consumers (and most discriminating audiophiles) the consummate wireless, Hi-Fi experience via a superior technology designed specifically for wireless audio.

    The requirements for a superior home system are universally-accepted.  For example, SONOS markets its speakers as able to provide beautiful sound that can easily fill every room in a home, and which can deliver music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks.  Similarly, SONOS markets its home theater products by describing the theater experience as immersive and able to transmit a broad range of services to home-viewers (including TV shows, gaming, movies, and music).  I believe that most everyone would agree that such features are the goal of any home audio manufacturer.

    In the headphone space, Bose markets its superior product with several defining features. Bose headphones speak to convenience (up to 20 hours of battery life) and the ability of the listener to use built-in Google Assistant or Alexa to select music from a personal playlist. These headphones further promote fullness and clarity of the audio.  And, in recognition of how we like to listen to music together, Bose boasts the ability for someone to connect two wireless Bose headphones so that a friend can listen in to the same music, at the same time.

    Let’s not forget, too, the world of outdoor wireless speakers. In nature (or simply in our own backyard), we want loud and clear audio, Bluetooth pairings (our only choice when Wi-Fi is not available), longer distances for audio transmission, lasting battery power, and 360-degree surround sound by our pools.  The ability to pack all of these goodies into a sturdy, water-proof speaker case that does not interfere with the sound quality is also a huge plus.

    We list these requirements above because each one of these commercial features, and all of them collectively, can be achieved by connecting with Audality®. Wireless audio manufacturers that produce and market speakers, headphones, home theaters, televisions, outdoor speakers, gaming systems, and all other devices that play wirelessly can become champions of the wireless market by embedding Audality’s patented technology into their products.     

    Beautiful sound (24-bit, uncompressed); impressive range (think football field); long battery life (40 hours in Audality speakers); extraordinary ability to use anywhere on its own secure frequency (no need for cables, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi); and incredible ease (no apps or passwords necessary) are inherent features of this technology.  Even more appealing is the ability of Audality’s team to adapt and configure its modules to fit into nearly every manufacturer’s product on the market that transmits and receives wireless audio.

    Audality is the all-in-one audio technology.  We invite you to visit to learn how your products can achieve all-in-one superior customer satisfaction.

Audality:  All-in-One Wireless Technology Designed For Multi-Purpose Wireless Audio Manufacturers
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 22 February, 2022
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